Welcome To Smith Irrigation

Welcome to Smith Irrigation, serving the Southeast since 1984.

Serving the Southeast since 1984, Smith Irrigation is a major provider of residential and commercial irrigation and landscaping installations and services in South Carolina.

Smith Irrigation installs, services, and maintains residential and commercial irrigation systems and landscaping. Let’s face it: if you want a beautiful lawn and garden, you simply can’t rely on rainfall alone. Oh yeah, there’s the hose, but who wants to drag that thing around?

The best way to maintain your lawn and conserve water in the process is with an irrigation system that gives you precise control of water delivery. Even when you’re away, you can guarantee that your lawn will be well taken care of because irrigation and sprinkler systems afford you the advantage of being able to program automatic controllers to do the job.

In combination with our irrigation systems and services, Smith Irrigation can assist you with landscaping, accent lighting systems, drainage systems, lawn maintenance, retaining walls, and pressure washing to keep the exterior of your property looking its very best. For more information or to request a free estimate, contact us at 864-254-0340. We’d be very happy to assist you.